Wuhu Deli Foods Lantern Festival Activities

Wuhu Deli Foods Lantern Festival Activities

Every year after 15 days of Chinese Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is ushered in, which is also the 15 day of the first lunar month.

The first month of the lunar calendar.  Chinese ancients called the night “Xiao”, so the 15th day of the first month was called the Lantern Festival.  The night of the 15th day of the first lunar month is the first full moon night of the year and it’s also the night of rebirth and the revival of all things. People celebrate this and it is also a continuation of the celebration of the new year.  The Lantern Festival is also called  “Shang Yuan Festival”.

According to Chinese traditional tradition, on this night, people will light up lanterns to show their congratulations.  Going out to admire the moon, lighting the lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, eating sweet soup balls, family reunion, and celebrating the festival together, It’s very happy with family.

Lantern Festival is also called lighting lanterns Festival. The custom of lighting lanterns on the Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty.  In the Tang Dynasty, the lantern appreciation activities became more prosperous. Lanterns were hung everywhere in the palace and on the streets, and tall lamp wheels, lamp buildings, and lamp-trees were also built.

Wuhu Deli Foods Lantern Festival Activities

The Song Dynasty more attention to the Lantern Festival and the lantern appreciation activities were more lively.  The lantern appreciation activities lasted for 5 days, and the styles of the lanterns were also richer.  In the Ming Dynasty, lanterns were enjoyed for 10 consecutive days, which was the longest lantern festival in China.  Although the lantern viewing event in the Qing Dynasty only lasted for 3 days, the lantern viewing event was large-scale and unprecedented.

In the Song Dynasty, a new activity was added, called “guessing lantern riddles”, During the Southern Song Dynasty, during the Lantern Festival, Lin’an, the capital, made fans, and there were many people guessing riddles. In the beginning, some people wrote riddles on slips of paper and pasted them on colorful lights for people to guess.  Because riddles can inspire wisdom and interest, they are welcomed by all walks of life in the process of spreading.

Wuhu Deli Foods Lantern Festival Activities

The folk custom of eating sweet soup balls during the Lantern Festival.  sweet soup balls are made of glutinous rice, either solid or with filling.  The fillings include red bean paste, sugar, hawthorn, various fruit materials, etc.  It can be boiled, fried, steamed, or fried when eaten.  At first, people called this kind of food “Fu Yuanzi”, and later it was called “Tang Tuan” or “Tang Yuan”.  This misses the departed relatives and entrusts the good wishes for the future life.

In order to celebrate the Lantern Festival, our company organized all employees to carry out Lantern Festival activities on this day.  The glutinous rice flour and stuffing of the sweet soup balls are prepared very early.  Everyone divides the labor and cooperates, there are those who knead the dough, those who package sweet soup balls, and those who make stuffing…  Everyone actively participated in the activities.  Rub, pinch, press, and roll, the white glutinous rice noodles are rolled into balls in the skillful hands of the employees, pressed into cakes, wrapped with fillings, and turned into tempting sweet soup balls.

Wuhu Deli Foods Lantern Festival Activities

The atmosphere of the event was lively, and everyone became more and more skilled.  After a while, plates of round and smooth sweet soup balls were freshly baked.

Making sweet soup balls and celebrating the Lantern Festival not only inherits the folk customs of traditional festivals but also means that all members of each department are reunited like a family and work together to go on a new journey in the new year.

Finally, all the staff of DELI FOODS wishes everyone:  Happy Lantern Festival!

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