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One-stop service

  • Our professional team will evaluate the most suitable transportation plan based on the customer’s own situation, including freight calculation, destination port cost calculation, necessary customs clearance documents, etc.
  • In the production process, our professional team will follow up on the order in real-time. The production of video and photos will be sent to the customer in time for real-time monitoring. If there is any problem, we will communicate in time to solve the problem.
  • We will remind customers to clear customs and pick up the goods in time before the goods arrive in the port. If there is any problem after receiving the goods, we will communicate in time. As the responsible party, we will make corresponding compensation and will not shirk responsibility.


We have a professional design team that can provide professional customized services to our customers free of charge. All design drafts will be sent to the customer for confirmation and will be continuously improved according to the customer’s requirements until a perfect design is formed.

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Nice partners

Our company’s aim is people-oriented, so all the employees in the company are very nice. The highlights of our team members are integrity, liveliness, and responsibility. Choosing us to be a partner is the best option.

Keen market insight

We have a wealth of market experience, so we have keen insight into the market. We will recommend the most suitable products for our customers according to their needs and provide accurate market positioning. This is a great boon for customers who don’t understand the market but want to create a market.

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