2022 WUHU DELI FOODS New Year Outlook Conference

2022 WUHU DELI FOODS New Year Outlook Conference
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Spring returned fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to the year 2021 and ushered in the hopeful year 2022. On the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese New Year, our DELI FOODS Company has resumed work during the Spring Festival!

In 2021, due to the background of the global epidemic, the company has withstood severe tests. All employees of WUHU DELI FOODS Co., Ltd. are not slack or wait. They are looking for new development opportunities with perseverance and loyalty to the company and still have achieved good results. As a result, it has successfully served thousands of customers around the world and brought high-quality food from DELI FOODS to countless consumers around the world.

2022 WUHU DELI FOODS New Year Outlook Conference

In 2022, a new beginning, the epidemic situation is still severe, but we have faced the difficulties and set a performance goal of doubling sales. Pulse, focus, unite, forge ahead, forge ahead, and innovate again!

In order to achieve these new goals, our company held a meeting of all employees of the sales company from February 10th to February 11th. The new year’s work plan and outlook, one by one on stage to give speeches and sharing, all employees share and discuss the planning and division of labor for the new year’s work goals, the adjustment, and cooperation of specific work details, the atmosphere is harmonious and warm, and a perfect start to the New Year’s work.

Finally, here, all the staff of DELI FOODS would like to extend New Year’s greetings to our new and old customers all over the world and to the new and old friends who support DELI FOODS: I wish you good health, family happiness, and career in the new year. Good luck and business is booming!

2022 WUHU DELI FOODS New Year Outlook Conference

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