We are not only a team but also a family

DELI FOODS is not only a food company but also a way of life. DELI FOODS specializes in researching and developing high-quality healthy foods, improving your quality of life by awakening your sensory products.

Team 1


DELI FOODS is composed of a group of the 80s and 90s who are active and young.

Team 2


The success of DELI FOODS is the cooperation of all people, not just one person.

Team 3


Only through unremitting efforts, will not it be eliminated by society.

Team 4


DELI FOODS provides each customer with the highest quality service.


Each department has a different management system, and each job has different rules. The staff knows their tasks during the work process, and the whole environment looks organized.


With the constant changes of the times, the knowledge base is constantly updated. Our company regularly conducts job training, receiving and learning new job knowledge. Through our unremitting learning to create and produce a better service system and high-quality products.


Every year, DELI FOODS organizes staff travel activities. At domestic, we will enjoy the scenery and the local cuisine. In foreign countries, we learn about different cultures and feel the enthusiasm of foreign friends.

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