Dried Syrup

The dried syrup is a white crystalline powder sweetener that is widely used in foods. The taste is sweet and refreshing with no obvious odor.

DELI FOODS dried syrup is divided into trehalose, maltose, and rice glucose powder.


ABOUT Deli Foods

Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise which is specialized in collect, research, process, sales with more than 20 years experience of food developing and producing. Our Main Products are natural honey, Honey Products, Syrup Products, Rice Protein, and Dry Syrup. Our factory ensures the highest standards of quality in its production processes and has received HACCP.HALAL.KOSHER. etc.

Our most important thing is product quality and hygiene. We are always on the road to continuous innovation. In the production process, we strictly follow standardized operating procedures and quality management system documents, enabling the company to establish our brand while focusing on quality.

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