Rice starch

Rice starch is produced by low temperature physical separation technology and has a creamy texture and can be used as a substitute for natural fat.

Hypo-allergenic,Rice starch natural gluten-free allergy, safer, suitable for children and patients.

It has the characteristics of safer, more delicate, more white, and is the best choice for infant food, cosmetics, special chemicals and other industries.


Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. the conventional parameters of the Rice Starch are as follows.If you need to customize the parameters, please contact us for more details.

If you need to customize the parameters, please contact us for more details.

Standard Packaging

As a supplier, Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. has many small packages in bags, plastic drums, and the bulk package. We also provide OEM and ODM services, If you want to customize the label, please contact us, we will be your best Choice.

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Small Packing

bulk packing


Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. produces and supplies rice starch. Deli Foods focus on product’s quality management, improvement and innovation.

As a modern enterprise, Deli Foods adhering “customer first, leading technology, striving for perfection and achieve win-win situation” to the business purposes. Welcome to contact us!

The rice starch produced by Wuhu Deli Food Co., Ltd. have HALAL, HACCP, QS and organic certified.  »» View more certificate 

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