The crystallization of honey


Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, 10 to 15 degrees Celsius prone to crystallization, the crystallization is glucose, no crystallization of the main fructose. Crystallization will change back to liquid when heated, not a problem of quality. People sometimes distinguish between pure honey and sugar-added honey at low temperature, however, this method is not reliable because it filters the impurities in the honey and does not crystallize the honey. The crystallization of honey is a normal phenomenon, and different honey collected by the bees nectar different, so the crystallization conditions and conditions are not the same, while the majority of fructose honey generally slow crystallization, such as longan honey and loquat honey and jujube honey in Guangxi; The majority of glucose easily crystallized, such as lychee honey and winter honey; and the crystallization of each honey is also different, and some delicate white crystal such as winter honey and northeast linden honey; and some crystals were granular like litchi honey. Currently on the market circulation of honey, especially honey in the supermarket stores are generally concentrated honey, making less glucose or destroyed the crystal nuclei make it difficult to crystallize, and the crystallization of different conditions make even the same batch of honey some crystallization fast , Some of the slow crystallization of these are normal. Of course, honeysuckle can not be judged solely by the crystallization of honey.

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