Maltose syrup


Maltose syrup is high quality starch as raw material, maltose sugar as the main component of the product.

Because of its low moisture absorption and high moisture, mild and moderate sweetness, good resistance to crystallization, oxidation resistance, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, low freezing point and other characteristics.It is widely used in confectionery, cold drinks, dairy products, beer, jelly, baked goods, condiments, enzymes, instant foods, meat products and other industries.

According to different maltose mass fraction, maltose syrup can be divided into ordinary maltose syrup, high maltose syrup and ultra-high maltose syrup. Maltose mass fraction below 60% of the maltose syrup as ordinary maltose, maltose mass fraction of 60% to 70% between the high maltose syrup, maltose mass fraction of 70% or more known as the ultra-high maltose syrup.

Maltose syrup can supply the energy and carbon source needed by the body and can be taken directly; with other nutritional factors to prepare nutritional products. The main raw material for the production of maltitol is maltose. Maltitol does not increase blood glucose and blood lipids after ingestion. It can alleviate the condition of patients with diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases because maltose-decomposing enzymes have only a very small part in the human body , So it will not cause changes in the body’s blood sugar.

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