Fructose syrup advantage


Fructose syrup is starch or broken rice as raw material, the alpha-amylase liquefaction, saccharification enzyme hydrolysis into glucose, and then glucose isomerase isomerization reaction, part of the glucose isomerised into fructose, the main ingredient is based on glucose and fructose.

Fructose syrup is a new type of sweetener. In the taste, more than fresh sugar, sweet disappear rapidly, the more disappear the sweetness.Can quickly penetrate cell tissue, osmotic pressure than sucrose, is conducive to inhibiting the growth of food on the surface of microorganisms.Fructose syrup colorless, odorless, fluidity at room temperature, easy to use. In beverage production and food processing, sucrose can be partially or completely substituted and more mellow flavor than it is. The advantages of fructose syrup, mainly from its composition of fructose, and with the increase of fructose content is more obvious.

High Fructose syrup as a sugar source Fruit juices or succulent drinks can maintain the inherent flavor of fresh fruit color flesh and fruit.The Fructose syrup is composed of glucose and fructose, the simple sugars are smaller than the sucrose, the freezing point is lower than the sugar, the sweet syrup is used to process the sugar cake, the texture is soft, and the long-term storage is not dry , Good freshness, can increase the surface of bright yellow and rich burnt flavor.It helps to protect the enamel, is not easy to cause dental caries.Glucose can be absorbed directly, it is the best choice for patients, pregnant women and babies.

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