What is rice protein powder


Rice protein is a vegetarian protein isolate that is an alternative to the more common whey and soy protein isolates. Brown rice can be treated with enzymes that will cause carbohydrates to separate from proteins. The resulting protein powder is then sometimes flavored or added to smoothies or health shakes.

Rice protein powder has a more distinct taste than most other forms of protein powder. Like whey hydrolysate, this flavor is not effectively masked by most flavorings; however, the taste of rice protein is usually considered to be less unpleasant than the bitter taste of whey hydrolysate. This unique rice protein flavor may even be preferred to artificial flavorings by consumers of rice protein.Amino acid composition of rice protein balance, and high amino acid content, is unmatched by other plant proteins. Rice protein is recognized as a good food protein, in line with WHO / FAO recommended the ideal model. The high biological value of rice protein, its high nutritional value, with eggs, milk, beef comparable.

According to the Osborne classification method, rice proteins can be roughly divided into four categories: albumins, proteins that are soluble in water, accounting for 2% -5% of the total; globulins dissolved in 0.5 mol / L NaCl Solution, accounting for 2% -10%; glutelin, dissolved in dilute acid or dilute alkali, accounting for more than 80% of the total; prolamins, dissolved in 70% ~ 80% ethanol solution, accounting for The total amount of 1% to 5%. Among them, gluten and gliadin become storage proteins, which are the main components of rice protein. The albumin and globulin content is low, is the physiologically active protein in rice. Rice protein has good nutritional value because of its high lysine content, essential amino acid content and essential amino acid content in other cereal proteins, and higher BV and PER.

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