Method For Producing Flavored Syrup

Method For Producing Flavored Syrup

Flavored syrups are mainly used as ingredients for cakes, juices, beverages, candy, vinegar, coffee, milk tea, and also in medicine.

Syrup is a viscous, high-concentration sugar solution made by boiling or other techniques. The raw material for making syrup can be sugar water, sugar cane juice, fruit juice or other plant juices. Syrup can be used to make beverages or desserts , The syrup can be made by yourself. The method is to crush the fruit, add water to boil, filter the pulp, add sugar, and then continue to cook until the solution is viscous. The homemade syrup has a simple process and a small output. Produced by continuous production methods, there are mainly three methods: acid method, enzymatic method, and acid enzymatic method. Stability, coking, reducibility and fermentation are different. No matter which process is a complex hydrolysis process, there are three main reactions in the hydrolysis process: one is hydrolysis to glucose; the other is to recombine after hydrolysis into glucose. Isomaltose and other complex sugars; the third is the decomposition of glucose to generate 5-hydrocarbon methyl uronic acid and acid propionic acid pigment substances. The flavored syrup produced by this device refers to sucrose syrup, which is a liquid food made by dissolving, heating and concentrating sucrose. The amount of soluble solids containing sucrose is not less than 74%, and its concentration can be adjusted arbitrarily with or without adding water. One or more optional ingredients can be added according to regulations. The optional ingredients can choose salt, preservatives, and antifoaming agents. They are mainly used as ingredients for cakes, juices, beverages, candy, vinegar, coffee, milk tea, and also for medicine. . This method uses a pulverizer, a jacketed pot, a homogenizer, a sterilizer, a concentration pot, and a filling machine as equipment, and sucrose, iodized refined salt, preservatives, and antifoaming agents are used as raw materials. The finished product is obtained after shearing, sterilization, vacuum concentration and automatic filling.

1. Put the sucrose and refined iodized salt into the pulverizer according to the ratio of 9.5-9.6:0.4-0.5, pulverize to 60-100 mesh, and then send the pulverized sucrose and refined iodized salt into the jacketed pot.
2. Put water, preservatives and defoamer into the jacketed pot. The amount of water is 10 times the weight of sucrose and refined iodized salt. The preservatives and defoamer are 0.5% of the weight of water. The iodized salt is heated and mixed uniformly, and then sent to the homogenizer, the liquid in the homogenizer produces strong shearing, impacting and cavitation under high pressure, so that all particles are ultra-fine.
3. The ultra-fine liquid is sent to a sterilizer for sterilization, and the sterilized liquid is sent to a concentration pot to be concentrated to a water content of less than 24% to obtain flavored syrup, which is then sent to a filling machine for filling and filling. The finished product is obtained after loading.

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