Four Conventional Methods Of Processing Honey

Four Conventional Methods Of Processing Honey

The conventional processing of honey includes filtration of honey, liquefying of crystallized honey, killing of yeast and breaking of crystal nucleus, decolorization and deodorization, promotion of crystallization and concentration of honey. Today, honey manufacturer Deli Foods will introduce you four conventional processing methods, which are also the concerns of many food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes and other manufacturers who need to purchase honey as raw materials.

Filtration Of Honey

Honey filtration is divided into coarse filtration and fine filtration, the main purpose is to remove impurities. Generally speaking, coarse filter is used under 60 mesh mesh, mainly to remove wax crumbs, bee corpse, larva and other large impurities; Fine filtration requires the use of more than 80 mesh mesh, to remove pollen and other small particle size impurities, make honey more clear and transparent. In order to make honey raw material more clear and free of impurities, Deli Foods standards are higher, the use of a 7-level filtration method, the use of higher mesh mesh.

Crystallization Liquefaction Of Honey

Honey crystallization liquefaction, that is, honey melting. During the production process, honey manufacturers usually liquefy crystallized honey by heating. According to the actual needs in the thermal risk control temperature drying room, heat crystallization liquefaction or water solution and steam solution crystal liquefaction. But no matter which method, the temperature should be controlled at 40~43℃.

Decolorization And Deodorization Of Honey

There are some manufacturers need colorless and odorless food raw material honey, such as cosmetics manufacturers, cigarette factories and so on. To meet the needs of customers, honey manufacturers will decolorize and deodorize honey. The decolorization and deodorization of honey is based on

The porous solid was used as adsorbent, and the colored flavoring components in honey were adsorbed on the solid surface for separation through contact filtration and adsorption equipment and fixed packed bed adsorption equipment.

Concentrated Processing Of Honey

In response to the catering industry, Chinese medicine factories and other customer requirements, honey manufacturers will also concentrate the honey processing. Honey concentration process refers to the process of bee products, through evaporation to remove the excess water in honey, make it meet the requirements of product regulations. Honey also needs to meet standards for colour, aroma and taste, amylase levels, proline and hydroxymethylfurfural.

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