Common sense of protein powder

Common sense of protein powder

The best protein powders are a convenient, cost-effective way to supplement protein intake. Whether you are struggling to get enough protein regularly or looking to build muscle, incorporating a protein powder into your diet can be a significant lifestyle change.

Protein is an integral part of everyday food consumption and is an essential macronutrient. Between 10% and 35% of your daily calories should come from protein, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines. For picky eaters or those who consume foods that aren’t protein-rich, adding protein into your diet can be tricky.

As a registered dietitian and certified sports dietitian, Julie Stefanski, RDN, CSSD, acknowledges how a person’s lifestyle can affect their ability to need more or less protein. “Most people can meet their protein needs through whole foods,” Stefanski said. “Athletes who have high-calorie needs appreciate the ability to get additional protein in a small amount of food. After an injury or an illness, dietitians often recommend protein powders for people with poor appetites or high protein needs for healing.”

Because there are so many types of protein powders on the market, it can be overwhelming and exhausting to find the right one for you. The higher-priced powders can be alluring because of their claims of spectacular health benefits, while the lower-priced or generic brands can cause some consumers to worry about their quality. What’s the correct route to go?

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