Application and characteristics of liquid glucose syrup

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Application and characteristics of liquid glucose syrup

1.Liquid glucose syrup application.

Liquid glucose sometimes referred to as glucose syrup. Like other forms of sugar, liquid glucose syrup is a liquid sweetener with good tolerance and versatility. Widely used in the following product areas.

Baking products: such as pastries, macaroons, cakes, etc.

Confectionery products: such as candy, lozenges, nougat and so on.

Beverage products: iced tea, drinks, etc.

It is also used in canned foods and dairy products.

Liquid glucose syrup has a very special property and can be used to supplement sucrose, but unlike sucrose, liquid glucose syrup does not contain fructose, and its sweetness is only half that of sucrose, Glucose controls the formation of sugar crystals, which is especially important when making frozen desserts and candies.

2.What are the characteristics of liquid glucose syrup in different products?

In confectionery manufacturing, liquid glucose syrup primarily controls crystallinity to meet the needs of different types of confectionery.

In alcoholic beverages, liquid glucose syrup has the function of controlling wine maturity and sweetness.

In the baking industry, the use of liquid glucose syrup to control the properties of the product allows the cake to absorb water, prevent drying and extend shelf life.

In the production of ice cream, the liquid glucose syrup can control the softness of the product, crystal formation and freezing point, making the product smooth and not producing ice crystals.

Typically, liquid glucose syrup provides texture, taste, shine and extended shelf life for the product. Liquid glucose syrup keeps the cake soft while adding sweetness. In addition, the liquid glucose syrup prevents the biscuits from drying out, keeping the biscuits crisp and preventing the water from crystallizing in the ice cream.

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