Why Food Manufacturing Chooses Fructose Syrup

Why Food Manufacturing Chooses Fructose Syrup
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What is fructose syrup?

First, the starch solution is converted into dextrin under the catalysis of amylase, and then catalyzed into glucose (glucose syrup) by saccharification enzyme, and then fructose with higher sweetness is formed through the isomerization of glucose isomerase.

The sweetness of fructose syrup is proportional to the proportion of fructose, and the sweetness is different, and the uses are also different:

HFCS 42 (42% fructose, 58% glucose) is used in processed foods, breakfast cereals, and soft drinks.

HFCS 55 (55% fructose, 42% glucose, the most common form) is used in soft drinks.

HFCS 60 (60% fructose, 40% glucose) for Coca-Cola soft drinks.

HFCS 90 (90% fructose, 10% glucose), mainly mixed with HFCS 42 to make HFCS 55.

In the food industry, the price of sucrose is up to twice that of high fructose syrup, and the price advantage of high fructose syrup is prominent. How good is fructose syrup in food manufacturing? In fact, the food industry regards it as gospel, and every modern person marvels at it – “man-made will never lose to nature”.


The “Advantage” of Fructose Syrup

Feature 1: Cold and sweet

The sweetness of fructose has a lot to do with temperature. When the temperature is below 40°C, the lower the temperature, the higher the sweetness of fructose, up to 1.73 times that of sucrose. Such as carbonated drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and ice cream.

Feature 2: Fruity

More than half of the fructose syrup is fructose. Drinks using fructose syrup have the sweetness and coolness of fruit. Adding white sugar will be “sweet”, but fructose syrup does not have any greasy taste, only refreshing. And happy.

Feature 3: The highest solubility

The solubility of fructose is the highest among sugars. When the temperature is 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, and 50°C, the solubility of fructose is 1.88 times, 2 times, 2.3 times, and 3.1 times that of sucrose, respectively. It is more suitable for beverages.

Feature 4: Anti-Crystallization

Fructose is more difficult to crystallize than sucrose and does not easily affect the taste of food.

Feature 5: Water retention and drying resistance

Fructose has good water retention capacity and resistance to drying, which can keep cakes fresh and fluffy, thereby extending shelf life.

Feature 6: Easier to ferment

Fructose and glucose are monosaccharides, which yeasts can directly utilize. In the fermentation of bread and cakes, the speed is fast and the gas is produced more, making the bread softer.

Feature 7: Easy to produce Maillard reaction

The chemical stability of fructose is worse than that of sucrose, and it is more easily decomposed by heat, and a browning reaction occurs, that is, the Maillard reaction, which makes bread and cakes produce a unique flavor.

Feature 8: Anti-corrosion

Fructose syrup has high osmotic pressure and anti-corrosion properties and is superior to sucrose in food storage.


How to find a high-quality fructose syrup supplier?

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