Honey processing technology

  1. Raw honey acceptance. Without good raw honey, it is impossible to produce high-quality condensed honey. Therefore, the raw material honey color, smell, moisture content, honey species, amylase value (freshness index) and the length of the collection time and whether the pesticide residue and so on one by one strictly tested. General starch value below 8 °, it can not be used for concentration processing, down to close to 0 ° can not be acquired.
  2. Optional. According to the requirements of the order will be the purchase of high-quality honey honey sample, according to the sample order requirements, and then a large number of honey processing and production.
  3. melt. The purpose of melting honey is to retard the crystallization of honey by heating to prevent fermentation and disruption of the crystals. Usually heated at a temperature of 60 ℃~ 65 ℃for 30 minutes, heating should be stirred from time to time to make honey heat evenly and speed up the melting.
  4. filter. The temperature of the heated honey is maintained at around 40 ° C, allowing the honey to flow optimally so that it can pass through multiple passes to remove impurities and small quantities of larger particles. As far as possible in the sealing device for pressure filtration, to shorten the heating time and reduce the loss of flavor.
  5. Concentrate in vacuo. Select the appropriate vacuum concentration equipment, vacuum degree 0.09Mpa, temperature 40 ℃~ 50 ℃for evaporation concentration, the color, smell and taste of honey can be reduced to a minimum. In concentration, special attention should be paid to the recovery of aromatic volatile materials after honey is heated. Fragrance recovery device is generally set up, these volatile substances will be recycled into finished honey, in order to maintain the unique aroma of honey.
  6. cool down. The concentrated honey as soon as possible to reduce the temperature, in order to avoid prolonged storage at high temperatures to reduce the quality of honey. In order to speed up the cooling, it is best to forcibly circulate and stir to maintain the good appearance and inherent quality of the product.



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