What is invert syrup and what is the function of invert syrup

What is the role of invert syrup

Making moon cakes is naturally inseparable from invert moon cake syrup, but what is invert syrup, what role does it play in moon cakes, and is there anything that can replace invert syrup?

What is invert syrup

Inverted syrup is understood from the cosmology as transformed syrup. The difference between it and other syrups is that some transformations have occurred during the cooking process.

When we boil sugar and water together, as the water evaporates continuously, the concentration of sugar water will become higher and higher. When the concentration reaches a certain level, the result will be precipitated after cooling. This is actually That’s how ice candy is made.

If we want the syrup to maintain a certain concentration and not crystallize after cooling, we need to add acidic substances such as citric acid or tartarin during the process of boiling the syrup, or lemon juice can be used to replace these acidic substances .

When boiled, the acid will decompose the sugar into monosaccharides that are not easy to crystallize, thereby preventing the syrup from crystallizing after cooling. This process of breaking down sugar into monosaccharides is called inversion, and the converted syrup is called invert syrup.

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