How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19?

How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19
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As we all know, due to the escalation of COVID-19, many countries have introduced different levels of lockdown policies, leading to the contraction of demand in many industries, but also due to these reasons, food, fitness equipment and other industries have rebounded against the trend, with strong demand.

However, due to the isolation policies of various countries, traditional offline foreign trade exhibitions, multinational factory inspection and other methods cannot operate normally. The vast number of multinational buyers and suppliers can only maintain communication online, or look for new partners.

As a large-scale food producer and exporter in China. We are going to talk about how to purchase honey under the epidemic today.

According to statistics, 29.6 percent of the world’s honey is produced in China. So if you are engaged in the honey trade, you must not ignore China, which is a huge honey producing area, and because of the good control of the epidemic in China, the production and life of various industries in China has been almost unaffected. China’s opening-up has not been stopped by the epidemic. On the contrary, it has further strengthened its confidence and determination to open to the outside world at a high level. The Belt and Road Initiative is advancing with high quality. By June 2021, 140 countries and 32 international organizations had joined the Belt and Road Initiative. Trade in goods with countries along the Routes exceeded us $1.3 trillion, and non-financial direct investment in these countries reached US $17.79 billion.

These factors determine that purchasing honey in China will be an efficient and cost-effective choice. So, let’s continue to analyze how to choose suppliers when purchasing honey in China.

How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19

Bee farm management

The quality of honey depends on the source — bee farm. As a honey supplier and exporter, Deli Foods Company’s honey can maintain high quality and low price because of professional management of beekeeping cooperatives. China is vast in territory and abundant in resources. There are hundreds of bee farms are active in China to collect honey, and the number of bee farmers’ cooperatives cooperating with Deli Food has grown to more than 200 in the past decades, professional bee-keeping co-operative management, refused to earn profits among honey middlemen, direct contact with bee farmer cooperatives, irregular supervise apiary check beekeeping diary, beekeeping process controls, The rejection of pesticide residues, antibiotic residues and other measures to ensure that we can supply high-quality pure natural honey.

Trade strength

Deli Foods factory and its Delee factory are one of the most famous bee products processing bases in east China. They plan their production and storage according to the trading needs of partners in more than 50 countries around the world. We have introduced advanced production equipment from Japan and Germany, with strong production and research and development capabilities. And has free and mature OEM&ODM cooperation ability, strong technical team as support. With our professional sales team and excellent customer service, we can earn and maintain the trust and long-term business relationships of our customers. With annual sales of $16 million, Deli foods is one of the world’s leading honey suppliers. The mission of Deli food is to help customers succeed through quality products and mature service.


How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19

International certification

Deli foods has passed ISO90014, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL and FDA certification. We conduct factory inspection 1-2 times a year to ensure that our honey meets international standards from raw material, processing, storage, sales and after-sales.

How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19

Professional process

High-quality products not only require advanced production equipment and production lines, but also rely on modern production processes that are strictly prohibited. The honey production of Deli foods is strictly carried out in accordance with the following four steps.

Scientific acceptance

Full-time qualified professionals, each batch of raw materials sampling testing dozens of standard indicators, long-term cooperation with the national quarantine department.

Standard storage

Build standard cool, dry, ventilated raw material warehouse, semi-finished product warehouse and finished product warehouse. Implement management according to food warehouse management system.

Multi-layer filtration

Natural filtration can keep the original nutrition of honey, and ensure that the foreign matter in raw honey can be removed, so as to ensure the delicate taste and health safety of honey.

Constant temperature concentration

The temperature is controlled between 55-60 degrees Celsius, the vacuum degree is less than 0.09mpa, and the honey is in boiling state, which can shorten the time of honey concentration, kill harmful bacteria, and obtain the highest quality finished honey.

How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19

Product packaging design

Good product quality can attract customers, but good packaging design can attract customers in the first time.

As a professional supplier. Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of OEM and ODM experience and resources, providing almost all the packaging styles and professional brand design in the market.

From glass bottles to plastic bottles, small packages to large packages, there is always one you need. +Based on years of marketing experience, we can customize the most popular packaging for you.Customization range includes logos, bottle stickers, packaging cartons, etc. One to one design service will let each customer quickly find the perfect design they want.

How to purchase honey in the face of COVID-19

Sales channels

Deli foods company has been participating in food exhibitions all over the world every year, such as Dubai Gulfood, Germany Anuga, The Canton Fair, IFT of the United States, Sial of France, South Africa, Foodex of Japan, APIMONDIA of Canada, etc., and we often visit our partners around the world. There are also a large number of buyers come to our company every year inspection, factory inspection.But because of the new champions league outbreak, recently we are unable to do face to face communication, however, we can have a one-to-one communication through the network and services, we have a number of professional and experienced foreign trade sales manager for your service, and we also have online store for many years in alibaba international website, can effectively guarantee and your transaction security. In addition, you can easily get in touch with us through our company website to understand our company and our products. We are in Youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, set up the company account, you can communicate through various channels and us.

Therefore, if you want to purchase honey or other products sold by our company,Deli Foods is one of your best choices, do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

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