What’s The High Quality Royal Jelly?

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Royal jelly helps reduce blood sugar, anti-oxidant effect, control vasodilation, lower blood pressure, anti-aging effect, and strengthen sexual function, as well as anti-radiation, enhance memory effect. but how to choose high- quality royal jelly?Here are some tips for you.

1.Origin: China is the highest producer of royal jelly and the largest exporter of royal jelly in the world. The quality of royal jelly is the best quality product for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of Qinghai Province. royal jelly has the highest acid content in the world.

2.Color: Fresh royal jelly of Deli Foods is milky white or light yellow, not easy to flow, shiny, no Bubbles, uniform from top to bottom, dark and dark in color, thick and thin, too thick, and some of the slurries in a bubble state may be fake.

3.Smell: The high-quality royal jelly has a unique fragrance and a mild and flat smell. If there is a fermented and mixed taste, it is a fake royal jelly, too sweet may be mixed with honey or sugar, and the lack of astringency may be adulterated.

4.Taste: The high-quality royal jelly can feel acid, astringent, and spicy, and the aftertaste is slightly sweet. The low-quality product will have a residue at the entrance.

When you buy high -quality royal jelly of Deli Foods, proper storage method is also very important. The storage of royal jelly must be refrigerated or frozen. The refrigerating period is about 3 months at about 4°C, about one year at -5°C, and more than two years at -18°C. Without refrigeration and freezing conditions, honey may be blended for temporary consumption and preservation at room temperature. In short, the time cannot be too long, otherwise, it will be easily oxidized, which will reduce the nutritional value.

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