What Should You Understand About Honey Powder?

What Should You Understand About Honey Powder?

Honey powder is essentially honey that has been dehydrated. This dried form of honey goes by various names, such as “honey crystals,” “Honey powder,” or “dried honey.” While these labels are similar, the products they represent can vary significantly. Factors contributing to this variation include product quality (with some being organic and others not), the processing method employed, and the fineness of the resulting powder. Additionally, certain products might contain added ingredients, leading to variations in texture. Some products have coarser, larger granules, while others possess a consistency akin to that of baking soda.


  1. Healthy Sugar Substitute: Honey serves as an excellent alternative to sugar. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals and functions as a natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index compared to regular white sugar. Honey powder, particularly suitable for extended storage, effectively preserves the quality of treats. Although it lacks the exact health benefits of raw honey, it proves to be a healthier option for baking.
  2. Enhances Baked Goods: Referred to as honey powder, this ingredient enhances the flavor of baked goods. It conveniently replaces sugar by providing sweetness while maintaining the same volume as white sugar in recipes. It can be used in a one-to-one ratio. Its versatility shines in creating flaky pie crusts, soft cookies, and even frostings due to its light consistency. Baked goods made with Honey powdertend to remain moist and delicious for an extended period, unlike some sweeteners that cause dryness within a day or two.
  3. Budget-Friendly Natural Sweetener: Honey powderstands out as one of the more economical natural sweetening options. Despite the general trend of whole foods being pricier than processed alternatives, Honey powder is reasonably priced, especially the non-organic variety. It can be blended with other sweeteners, stretching its usage even further.


The abundance of sources for Honey powder might suggest easy access to preferred brands. However, the issue arises from many companies incorporating additional ingredients to prevent honey from reverting to a liquid state. This is crucial for ease of baking and maintaining a free-flowing nature. Often, other sweeteners like sucrose are introduced. While finding honey with zero additives or fillers is challenging, there are strategies to navigate this issue:

  1. Prioritize products with honey listed as the primary ingredient, followed by sucrose, fructose, or fillers like cornstarch or flour.
    Opt for organic options when possible.
  2. Combine honey with other sweeteners to minimize the need for additional ingredients, aimed at enhancing taste and quality.
  3. Honey powderdoesn’t caramelize in the same way as regular sugar, and it may not yield the same chewy texture in some recipes. Addressing this, additional sweeteners might be introduced to achieve desired characteristics, such as chewiness, as seen in recipes like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies.

Furthermore, blending Honey powder with other sweeteners, like xylitol or stevia, can enhance both flavor and texture. These sweeteners are particularly effective for creating light, white frostings, creams, and sauces, as demonstrated in recipes such as Naturally Sweetened Sugar Cookie Bars and vegan lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Honey powder, including raw honey, presents a wealth of possibilities for crafting delightful desserts. To broaden its applicability, combining it with another sweetener can yield a pleasing flavor profile devoid of an overpowering honey taste. For instance, if even individuals who typically dislike honey, like my husband, enjoy desserts containing Honey powder without detecting its presence, it signals a resounding success!”

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