Welcome come to Wuhu Deli Foods Bee farm

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Welcome come to Wuhu Deli Foods Bee farm
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Welcome come to Wuhu Deli Foods Bee farm. Wuhu Deli Foods is a special honey factory with different pure and natural flowers honey: like Polyflower honey, Sidr honey, acacia honey, jujube honey, vitex honey, sunflower honey, buckwheat honey, etc packed in different packages.


Among them, Jujube honey is very popular in North Africa and the Middle East. Jujube nectar is one of the four famous kinds of honey in China, mainly produced in north and northwest China. It is dark in color and has a special, rich aroma of jujube. Deli jujube flower honey is rich in single glucose and fructose, which is not easy to crystallize and has certain medicinal value. What is the bee field of the same force after all? Let’s take a look!

Welcome come to Wuhu Deli Foods Bee farm

This is just one of the more than 2,000 bee farms we have in China. The place is very empty and the surroundings are very good. Look how many bees there is in the beeswax frame! And then our beekeeper is going to show you how to make beeswax. The apiarists are very close, like family. Everyone will take care of each other in peacetime after work will also make some delicious food. They sit together for lunch and dinner in the company of the bees. This kind of atmosphere is very warm.

Welcome come to Wuhu Deli Foods Bee farm

After understanding our bee farm, how do you feel? Do you want to try with bee’s life? We will show you our other bee farms in the future, please pay more attention to our developments.

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