The 128th Canton Fair is Underway

The 128th Canton Fair is Underway
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We are broadcasting the 128th Canton Fair live.Today is the eighth day of the Canton Fair.The Canton Fair will be over in two days.

This Canton Fair mainly introduces our honey, bee products and food-grade rice protein powder.In addition to the products, we mainly introduce our company and factory, as well as our main markets and packaging.And then there’s our FAQ.

During the Canton Fair, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day.If you have any products you want to know about, please contact us.Each live broadcast page will have the contact information and email address of our duty personnel.You can contact us at any time.

During this Canton Fair, our social networking sites are also being updated synchronously. You can click on our YouTube video, which contains some of the products we talked about during the live broadcast.Here are some of the videos we’ve updated on YouTube:

Eucalyptus honey: 

White honey:

Polyfloral honey:

Linden honey:

More details can be found on our live stream.

This is the website of our Canton Fair:, We sincerely invite you to visit our page. You can also search for us by our company name: Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd, or our booth NO:12.2K19, we prepared interesting content for you, waiting for your visit, thank you!

Register and enjoy business opportunities of Canton Fair! Please click the link below to register: For more details about services, please visit Canton Fair’s official website ( or contact Canton Fair Call Centre, Tel:4000888999(Chinese mainland), 86-20-28888999 (outside Chinese mainland); E-mail:

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