The 127th Canton Fair officially closed

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The 127th Canton Fair officially closed
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When we just received the notice that this year’s Canton Fair started live streaming, we were a bit overwhelmed. Because there has never been a live broadcast, we are afraid of being in a hurry. Then think about it, this live broadcast may be an opportunity and a challenge. Therefore, we devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to the preparation of the Canton Fair.

In order to take into account the customer time of other countries, the exhibition time is set to 10×24 hours. This is another big challenge for us. No one can stand it without sleeping for 24 hours. So, we allocate time, each anchor and staff are allocated. Give everyone a break.

The 127th Canton Fair officially closed

On the first day of the Canton Fair, many exhibitors faced many problems, such as black screens, poor network conditions, and so on. We are just a little unfamiliar with the operation, and there will be some small problems. Since this is the first live broadcast of the Canton Fair, sometimes the server of the platform will have problems. With the development day by day, we are all more and more familiar with the live broadcast operation, and many people have begun to pay attention to the Canton Fair.

The 127th Canton Fair officially closed

Although this Canton Fair is a bit of a setback, we also feel the experience of the online live broadcast. We will have another online live show in July, I believe we will have a good performance in the next live broadcast! I hope you who follow us can see our growth!

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