Pure Bee Propolis

Propolis Capsule Color

“Have you heard or seen ‘Purple Gold’?” I asked my friends.

They said it may be a newly discovered material?

Maybe it is the “Purple Stone” in Langyashan China?

Maybe it’s a delicious food, haha…

It’s very interesting, but the “Purple Gold” is a real food.

It’s Bee Propolis.But why called “Purple Gold”?

Because Bee Propolis’ color is purple-brown;

Its yield is very small(A colony 60,000 can only produce 70-110 grams of propolis per year);

Precious(Bee Propolis has a wide range of medical and health effects on the human body, it can directly inhibit the killing of cancer cells on the tumor, polyps have a good preventive and curative effect. Bee Propolis can also prevent vascular disease; and in particular, can make women’s skin smooth and elastic. It is also used in the food industry and chemical industry);

So it’s called “Purple Gold”.

But natural bee propolis contains many impurities so it’s cannot be taken directly.

Nowadays people extract the effective substances in natural propolis, made of Propolis Liquid and Propolis Capsules.

The benefits of Propolis Liquid and Propolis Capsules is similar, and they must be placed in a confined, dark, cool place to save.

But Their use is not the same.Propolis Liquid can be applied directly to the skin; Propolis Liquid can also be taken with warm water, milk, coffee, honey and other beverages.Propolis Capsules are usually swallowed directly with warm water.

If you still have questions about bee propolis, please feel free to comment the article. I am Deli, a professional factory producing bee propolis.

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