Properties and 50 Benefits of Honey

Properties and 50 Benefits of Honey

Honey is the product of nectar collected by worker bees and nectar from other sources. Goes through physical and chemical transformation steps and then accumulates in the honeycomb. Usually, honey will have different smell, taste and color due to different types of plants, so that the types of honey can be distinguished according to the type of plants, such as orange nectar, longan nectar, lychee nectar, etc. Different. Commonly used as a sweetener in various foods or beverages honey contains sugar and other compounds, mainly fructose and glucose. And contain vitamin a, vitamin b2, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, folic acid, vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. As with any other compound present in small amounts are substances that primarily act as antioxidants.

Benefits of honey

  1. Adds freshness to the body.
  2. Contains antioxidants to help delay aging
  3. Helps reduce and prevent the onset of aging.
  4. Helps nourish skin for a radiant complexion. Looks dewy and natural.
  5. Honey face masks help nourish facial skin, leaving it looking younger, hydrated and soft. After washing your face, take half a banana. Mash up, mix with honey, apply to face, leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse off.
  6. Helps keep dry and flaky facial skin at bay. Mix 1 egg yolk with 1 scoop of honey, stir well and apply mask, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off.
  7. Nourishes the brain and aids memory
  8. Helps protect skin from UV rays and helps strengthen skin cells.
  9. Helps nourish hair, leaving it soft, beautiful and shiny. After you wash your hair, mix 3 tablespoons of honey with olive juice, apply to your scalp, leave on for about 5 minutes, and rinse off.
  10. Helps maintain clear voice Reduces sore throats
  11. Helps reduce acne. Acne on the face After washing your face with warm water, take half a banana. Mash up, mix with honey, apply to face, leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse off.
  12. It is commonly used in mixing various machines such as milk, tea, coffee, yogurt, lemonade, and even beer or wine.
  13. Use as an ingredient in various desserts or various cereal products.
  14. Use honey instead of preservatives in salad dressings. This will keep the dressing from spoiling for up to 9 months.
  15. Honey can be processed into a variety of products, such as facial masks, soaps, cleansing gels, scrubs, etc.
  16. Honey is an elixir of life.
  17. Aids in good health. Good resistance to various diseases
  18. Helps strengthen childhood development
  19. Helps increase body energy.
  20. Helps relieve fatigue from work or sports.
  21. Helps strengthen the health of the patient during recovery. or the elderly
  22. Helps relieve symptoms of various diseases.
  23. Helps control weight and reduce obesity.
  24. Helps nourish Qi and blood in the body. Add a pinch of salt by adding half a tablespoon of honey to a glass and squeezing 1 lemon. Then add hot water to drink
  25. Helps heal cold symptoms for faster recovery.
  26. Honey is better at relieving colds and coughs in children than cough syrup.
  27. Helps stabilize homeostasis.
  28. Honey has a mild sedative effect, thereby reducing restlessness and anxiety.
  29. Helps with insomnia and helps sleep more comfortably.
  30. Helps treat high blood pressure. Honey and black sesame seeds are 50 grams each. Black sesame seeds are mashed and mixed with honey. Brew with hot water and drink.
  31. To help cure diabetes, use 5 fragrant pears and 250 grams of honey, peel and mash the pears. Mix with honey and cook until thickened. then mixed with drinking water
  32. Helps treat anemia Because honey contains iron, it helps to increase red blood cells.
  33. It can help nourish the heart, move the pulse, and prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease.
  34. Helps maintain and treat liver disease
  35. Helps suppress body temperature
  36. Helps treat ocular inflammation caused by infection such as corneal inflammation. Conjunctivitis, etc.
  37. Help relieve cough, bronchitis, phlegm by infusing it with lemon juice.
  38. Honey reduces stomach acid. Aids in digestion as honey is absorbed immediately after reaching the intestinal tract. This is different from other types of sugar
  39. Helps Heal Gastritis
  40. Helps relieve gas, indigestion or severe diarrhea.
  41. Helps relieve diarrhea and nourishes the gut for faster recovery.
  42. Helps with vaginitis problems caused by Candida and modern disinfectants.
  43. Helps with symptoms of frequent bedwetting in children. Because it helps absorb moisture and helps keep it hydrated.
  44. Helps relieve hemorrhoid symptoms with the introduction of garlic and honey taken 3 times a day.
  45. Helps prevent the onset of arthritis Mix orange juice with 2 teaspoons of apple juice in hot water. Then add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink it twice a day.
  46. Help relieve or prevent cramps.
  47. Helps relieve constipation. Eat ripe bananas dipped in honey It can help reduce constipation.
  48. Helps treat athlete’s foot in Hong Kong.
  49. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and has an antimicrobial effect.
  50. Helps with breastfeeding problems Mix honey with milk.


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