123rd Canton fair—-Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd.


On May 1, 2018, the third session of the 123rd Canton Fair began. This is also the 22 times that Wuhu Deli Food Company has participated in the Canton Fair.

The products our bring to this time are Honey, Flavored Syrup, Rice Protein, Honey Powder, Trehalose, Maltose, Bee Pollen, Tomato Paste and so on. During the exhibition, we received over 100 customers from all over the world. After having tasted the products, the customers are full of praise for the quality of our products.

With the development of society, people are no longer beset by the problem of food and clothing. They are pursuing a higher level of life, so the green and healthy food are paid more attention by the people in the contemporary world. In this context, the Wuhu Deli Foods Company was born in 2008, it brought a pure natural honey.

The company uphold the concept: we are not the honey maker, we are just the removal of nature. Deli has some beekeeping places in the southeast and central China. And has already reached the industrial chain from collection to processing and to sale.

So the excellent products are loved by people all over the world. Up to now, our products are covered in Asia, Middle East, Europe and other countries. And have established the long-term and stable partnership with them.

Deli Food as a well-known foreign trade enterprise in China, will continue to build higher quality products.

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