What Is Simple Syrup

What Is Simple Syrup

Simple syrups in beverages and other recipes are common seasoning ingredients and are often used especially when making western desserts and cocktails. Simple syrup is the simplest of all syrups, both in terms of production method and proportion, so it is called “simple syrup“. We can add the same proportion of sugar and water (1:1) to the pot and cook it until the sugar is completely dissolved, and we can successfully make a simple syrup. In order not to affect the ratio of water and sugar, be careful not to let the simple syrup boil.

Simple syrups can be stored for a long time after production and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month. In the process of making simple syrups, we can also add different spices according to individual tastes, such as rosemary, mint, etc., which makes more advanced seasoning syrups, so that your dessert or cocktail will become more delicious.

Simple syrups are not limited to cocktails – it is also ideal for flavoring coffee, tea (especially ice) or other beverages. You can also pour dry cakes with a simple syrup to moisten or season, and then use a lot of simple syrup to make simple cakes, salads, or other delicious foods with fresh fruit, depending on your taste Hobbies.

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