What Is Brown Rice Syrup?

Brown rice syrup is a sweetener extracted from brown rice, which discards the taste of brown rice but retains the nutrients of brown rice, mainly composed of starch and sugar.

Why is brown rice syrup popular with customers? Because the nutritional value of brown rice on raw materials is much higher than that of white rice. 60%-70% of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in rice are accumulated in the outer tissues, and the nutritional value of the white rice we eat every day is lost during the processing, especially the repeated panning before cooking, the outer layer Vitamins and minerals are further lost, and the rest are mainly carbohydrates and some proteins. However, the content of calcium in brown rice is 1.7 times that of white rice, the iron content is 2.75 times, 3.2 times that of nicotinic acid, and 12 times that of vitamin B1. Vitamin E in brown rice is 10 times that of white rice and cellulose is 14 times higher. The most important thing is that rice bran and germ part of brown rice are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which can improve the body’s immune function, promote blood circulation, and help people to eliminate depression and irritability.

The most important role is as a sweetener with a consistency similar to honey. The color of brown rice syrup is clear or brown and is widely used in baking shops, coffee shops, western restaurants and so on. If you are also looking for brown rice syrup, I am happy to tell you that WUHU DELI FOODS CO., LTD has been selling brown rice syrup for nearly ten years.

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