Live Streaming Daily – Busy Live Streaming Month

Live Streaming Daily - Busy Live Streaming Month

In a busy March, we are entering the second week of live streaming. we all show the production process and packaging process of our honey one by one in live broadcast.

Deli foods’ mission is to help customers succeed through products and services. Our professional team will evaluate the most suitable transportation plan according to the customer’s own situation, including freight calculation, destination port cost calculation, necessary customs clearance documents, etc. During the production process, our professional team will follow up the order in real-time – time. The production of videos and photos will be sent to customers in time for real-time monitoring. If there is any problem, we will communicate and solve the problem in time. We will promptly remind customers to clear customs and pick up the goods before the goods arrive at the port. If there is any problem after receiving the goods, we will communicate in time. As the responsible party, we will make corresponding compensation and never shirk responsibility!

This month we have a few more live broadcasts on Alibaba International Station. You can enter the live page through the homepage of our Alibaba International Station, the homepage link:…. You can also search our name at the front desk: Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. If you want to see more content, you can contact us if you want to know more details!

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