Bee Pollen-all-around nutritious food

Bee Pollen-all-around nutritious food

Bee pollen is the pollen cluster that honeybees bring back when they collect honey, and the pollen formed after storage and fermentation in the hive. Bee pollen is a male reproductive cell in the stamen of a flowering plant. It not only carries the genetic information of life but also contains all the nutrients necessary for bringing up a new life. It is the root of plant propagation and the source of heat energy.

When honeybees gather honey, they will collect pollen and form pollen clusters. After entering the hive, pollen clusters will be stored. Its main therapeutic ingredients are proteins, amino acids, vitamins, bee pollen, trace elements, active enzymes, flavonoids, lipids, nucleic acids, brassin, phytic acid and so on. The amino acid content and ratio are the closest to the recommended amino acid model of FAO, which is extremely rare in natural foods. Bee pollen is a concentrate consisting of substances of nutritional value and pharmacodynamic value. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other active substances. Bee pollen is not only an excellent natural nutritious food but also an ideal tonic and has a certain medical effect.

Bee pollen is a small granular form derived from nature. It is a pollen collected by honeybees from the stamens of flowering plants (melon plants and pollen plants). There are more than a dozen types of pollen grains and special gland secretions have been added. The material (nectar and saliva) was mixed to form an irregular oblate shape. Bee pollen has natural health effects and medical and cosmetic values.

Bee pollen contains many nutrients, including 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins and 30 trace elements, and a large number of active proteases, nucleic acids, flavonoids and other active substances. Known by more and more people, it is a kind of high-protein low-fat nutritional health food. It is known as the “all-around nutritious food”, “concentrated natural drug store” and “internal cosmetics” and is a treasure in human natural food.

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