Special Effects Of Rice Starch In Summer

Special Effects Of Rice Starch In Summer

Rice starch in summer is a powerful remedy for natural cleansing of skin and hair. Let’s find out all the possible applications of rice starch, its use in medicines and cosmetics, and its soothing, absorbing and calming properties.

All properties and uses of rice starch

Rice starch is a true ally for skin and hair beauty, but not only. Its absorbent, soothing and reassuring properties make it suitable not only for cosmetics but also for many other applications, especially food use.
Our rice starch is a good example: in fact, it has been successfully used by the pharmaceutical industry for the coating of capsules and tablets, thanks to its ability to withstand high temperatures and acidic pH, for example in the gastrointestinal tract. But not only that.
With its thickening properties and neutral taste, rice starch is an essential ingredient in the preparation of many desserts, especially those for vegetarians and vegans.

Special effects of rice starch in summer

In the field of cosmetics, rice starch has long been known for its absorbing and refreshing properties.
Perhaps best known for its use as the star of soothing creams and ointments, especially for redness in newborn diapers. In these cases, rice starch has a calming effect, absorbing sweat and excess sebum, thus facilitating the disappearance of irritation.
But the successful application of rice starch is not limited to baby care. Due to its excellent cleaning power, the ingredient is also used in the production of soaps, body washes and delicate cleansers, body washes for particularly sensitive skin prone to redness and/or flaking, and therefore also suitable for adults and the elderly.
In summer, rice starch is very important for cleaning and treating the skin’s most rubbed areas:
– The area where the newborn’s skin comes into contact with the baby’s diaper
– The folds of the chest or inner thighs, areas at risk of ulcers, and all areas prone to sweating and friction in adults and older adults
In all these cases, the soothing body wash based on rice starch restores the skin’s natural softness and elasticity, calms burning, eliminates odors and prevents any inflammation.

Rice starch hair care in summer

Rice starch has sebum balancing, calming and nourishing properties, making it suitable for hair care, especially for greasy, brittle and brittle hair.
Its absorbency makes it ideal for combating excess sebaceous glands produced by the scalp and the attendant phenomena associated with its irritation, such as dandruff and flaking, which are often caused by the use of aggressive products and frequent washing.
At the same time, the remineralizing properties deeply nourish the hair, repair it, prevent split ends, and make it healthier and shinier.
In these cases, rice starch can be used as a base ingredient in delicate shampoos, it respects the pH of the skin and hair, and has a normalizing, polishing, strengthening and calming effect when it comes to itching.

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