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On September 21, 2020, our company received an email from Suresh K from HARI OM ENTERPRISE, India, and wanted to purchase about 10 tons of honey/rice syrup. It is requested to pass the Indian test and requested samples. Because we don’t know what the Indian test is, our employees asked them to provide the specifications of the relevant products. Then they changed the original request to 10 containers and asked for samples. After paying the sample fee, our company sent samples according to their specifications. As they can not provide customs clearance documents to pass the customs, the sample was abandoned by the express company.(Courier No.:771666352030)

Subsequently, the company’s adulteration and delivery video “can sugar syrups be adulterated in honey that can go undetected under indian testing protocols” appeared on Youtube, which carried out malicious slander and slander, and seriously violated the facts in many places, which was even worse and disgusting. What’s more, the author used false, screenshots, patchwork, editing and other innuendo methods to viciously attack our company in an attempt to fabricate a fact. We will resolutely adopt legal measures to protect the reputation of the company. We hereby clarify: We did not provide syrup to these companies, nor did any trade transactions occur. We quoted Suresh K for syrup at the time. The specifications were according to the requirements of Suresh K of HARI OM ENTERPRISE. As for the purpose of buying it back, our company cannot know. The sample involved is only syrup and has nothing to do with honey. The samples and courier number in the video were not provided by our company, and the factory deliverying video was downloaded maliciously from the Internet


As the above-mentioned infringements that seriously affected the company’s reputation, we hereby solemnly declare:

  1. The current video information about Wuhu Deli FoodsCo., Ltd.’s “pretending to be honey with rice syrup” and other video information circulating on Youtube are inconsistent with objective facts, seriously inaccurate, and malicious slander by bad enterprises or individuals. Any unit or individual publishing or disseminating theinaccurate videos seriously violates relevant laws and regulations and has constituted a serious infringement on the company.
  2. Unidentified public opinion attacks have occurred several times in the recent period. The breadth and depth of the rumors have exceeded the scope of normal commercial competition. They have been reported to relevant parties for the record. All companies or individuals that publish and disseminate the above-mentioned infringing videos should immediately stop the above-mentioned infringements. Delete the relevant false videos by yourself to eliminate the adverse impact on the company. Otherwise, we will resort to legal measures against the spreader of the rumors to hold the rumors responsible. The company reserves the right to pursue investigations in accordance with the law and make necessary and appropriate responses.
  3. The instigator of the relevant false video information shall be warned not to maliciously slander and slander the company, and do not to use it as a means of unfair competition. The infringer shall bear all legal liabilities for the consequences of the infringement, and the company reserves the right to pursue its legal liabilities in accordance with the law.

Hereby Declare!

Wuhu Deli Foods Co.,Ltd


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