Ship Sidr Honey – The Busy Work Day

Ship Sidr Honey - The Busy Work Day
Since the Spring Festival work, we have been busy. There are a lot of orders every day. In order to live up to the trust of customers, we have always been delivering goods to customers on time, so that every customer can receive the goods on time as much as possible.
Just today, our workers packed the Sidr honey requested by the customer early in the morning and put it on the transport van. we packed it with a 28kg bucket, we will fix the drums with some rope and net after containers are full to assure the safety of the package in transportation. Each batch of honey has a test report, and only after the tests pass, do we pack and deliver them to all buyers, so we can guarantee the best quality!
Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. is a professional catering manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years in China. Deli foods are committed to researching and developing high-quality healthy foods to provide customers with quality Natural Honey and Bee Products.
There are free OEM&ODM and also a strong technical team as support. One-stop quality service will make you feel comfortable with us. Deli foods’ mission is to help customers succeed through products and services.
Our professional team will evaluate the most suitable transportation plan based on the customer’s own situation, including freight calculation, destination port cost calculation, necessary customs clearance documents, etc.
In the production process, our professional team will follow up on the order in real-time. The production of video and photos will be sent to the customer in time for real-time monitoring. If there is any problem.
We will communicate in time to solve the problem. We will remind customers to clear customs and pick up the goods in time before the goods arrive in the port. If there is any problem after receiving the goods, we will communicate in time. As the responsible party, we will make corresponding compensation and will not shirk responsibility. For more information, please contact us.

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