Flavored syrup for foods


Flavored syrup is a product commonly used in food processing to alter the sensory qualities of foods and increase sweetness. Flavored syrup is a mixture of sucrose, glucose syrup, rice syrup and food additives. It can be applied directly to bread and pastries, or it can be added to tea, milk and coffee.

The flavored syrup has a mild taste and low sweetness, so it is very popular among the big pastry houses and the beverage industry. Its low freezing point and resistance to crystallization make it commonly used in desserts and jellies to prevent sugar crystals. In addition, the flavored syrup is low in calories, low in sugar and has a certain health care effect, so it is suitable for all ages.

As a breakfast, people usually choose milk and bread, which can take the starch and calcium, which can achieve the nutritional balance. If you get some flavored syrup at this time, it will also meet the supplement of human energy.

Because, first of all, flavored syrup contains glucose, fructose and a variety of minerals. Good for the human body. Second, mix the flavored syrup with milk to achieve the best complementary effect. From this point of view, the bread that eats milk and the flavored syrup for breakfast is one of the most nutritious combinations.

In addition, flavored syrups also have many flavors, such as strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup, chocolate syrup, agave syrup, and the like.

Wuhu Deli Foods Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of honey and syrup. Every year, there are various new products. We keep up with the development of the times and constantly develop new varieties. Therefore, at present, we not only have honey syrup but also flavored syrup of various flavors. Have the same product that belongs to you as long as you need it.

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