Do Yemen Customers Also Buy Chinese Sidr Honey?

Do Yemen Customers Also Buy Chinese Sidr Honey?

Thanks to the new customers from Yemen trust in our Deli Foods, He purchased a container of sidr honey for the Yemeni market.

As we all know, Yemen’s sidr honey enjoys an excellent reputation in the international market, and its price is also among the most expensive in the world. What is gratifying is that this customer from Yemen chose our Chinese sidr honey.

Our relationship with this distinguished Yemen customer has lasted for 3 years. Deli Foods’ high-quality sidr honey is carefully selected barrel by barrel after strict quality inspection. The customer chooses to cooperate with us not only because he recognizes the quality of our honey, but also because he highly recognizes our reputation and credibility in the market. After three years of knowing each other, he finally decided to work together with us.

It is worth mentioning that the jujube forest in the Qin-Jin River Basin has the largest geographical area, the richest jujube plant resources, and the most complete ancient Chinese Sidr tree cultivation in China. This is one of the best-preserved original jujube forests in the world with the longest cultivation history, the highest quality, and no pollution. In this pure land, we harvest the most pure and natural sidr honey.

We have been deeply involved in the Yemeni market for 10 years and provide many customers with a variety of beautifully packaged honey, including 80g, 312g, 453g, 750g tin,1.5kg tin and etc. If you are interested in our Deli Foods honey, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Finally, I would like to thank new and old customers again for their strong support of Deli Foods. We will continue to innovate and provide customers with the most outstanding cooperation experience.

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