A real customer factory inspection case

A real customer factory inspection case

Today, a customer from the Middle East came to our factory to inspect his goods. This client has worked in Germany, so you should know the rigor of working in Germany. The customer is very strict with the quality of our products, which must be the same as the sample quality because we have exported honey for many years, we are full of confidence in the quality of our products.


Because the customer in a factory on the inspection results are not very happy, after the customer come to our company, we take the perspective of professional honey is introduced to customers, customers in the process of listening is also very happy, after we go to the factory, the customer really is very strict with the goods, Fortunately, After our constant introduction, the result was very good. The customer was very satisfied with our service. In order to distinguish the goods, the customer signed his name on the goods, praised us as really professional, and began to book the next order.

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