Why is fructose syrup developing better and better now?

Why is fructose syrup developing better and better now

Fructose syrup is a starch syrup made from hydrolysis and isomerization of plant starch. It is an important sweetener. It is mainly composed of glucose and fructose. It is widely used in the food industry, health food, medicine, and family. condiment.

It is well known that fructose syrup is widely used in the production of beverages, and its application in the beverage field accounts for about 75%. Because of its high solubility and cold sweetness, and fructose syrup contains fructose, it has a fruity fragrance and is close to natural juice. It can be applied to refreshing drinks such as carbonated drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks and the like.

In recent years, the price of sugar has soared and the cost of beverages has continuously increased. Based on this advantage, fructose syrup has developed rapidly. Moreover, fructose syrup can be used as raw material for any starch, regardless of regional and seasonal conditions. The factory can produce all year round, with abundant raw material resources, low price, simple equipment, and less investment.

Fructose syrup is used in the beverage industry to reduce costs and the incomparable advantages of sucrose. Drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the United States have been switched to fructose syrup as a source of sugar. Future fructose syrup will replace sucrose in beverages.

For example:

(1)in alcoholic beverages, the use of fructose syrup can prevent precipitation of the product, so that the alcoholic beverage exhibits good transparency, the effect is good, the solubility is high, the dissolution and the use are easy;

(2)On the pastry,  bread, and cakes can be kept fresh and soft for a long time in storage due to the high moisture absorption and moisture retention, and the Taste is very delicious when eaten;

(3)In the fruit, candied fruit, jam, the role cannot be underestimated, fructose syrup has a high osmotic pressure, using fructose syrup to process candied fruit, rapid penetration, can inhibit microbial growth. It is used in the production of The application of canned fruit is also very extensive. Jarabe de fructosa has higher osmotic pressure than sucrose, which can prevent the juice from reversing out of the Fruit and help to maintain the fruit flavor;

(4) When the soft candy is produced, the moisture content of the product is required to be high, and the causal glucose syrup has strong moisture absorption and moisture retention and can be used for the production of general soft candy instead of sucrose.

In conclusion, the demand for fructose syrup in the domestic and international markets is increasing, the quality requirements are constantly improving, and the application fields are more extensive, which is more and more recognized and valued by people.

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