Interpretation of honey crystallization

Interpretation of honey crystallization
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Honey has been left for a long time, why is there a layer of white substance under the honey? What is it? Is it sugar?

DELI FOODS Answer: Hello, the white substance is not sugar. This is the crystallization of honey, which means that the glucose in honey becomes crystalline at low temperatures.

Crystallization of Honey

Honey crystallization is a problem often encountered in the process of eating honey. As time goes by and the temperature changes, honey tends to change from liquid to crystalline, and the color changes from amber to light. This change in honey often causes some people to misunderstand that it is caused by the incorporation of honey into sugar. In fact, this is a natural change in honey, not the result of sugar blending.

What Factors Affect the Crystallization of Honey?

The speed of the crystallization of honey is affected by temperature. It is most easily crystallized at 13 to 14 Celsius, and it can be restored to its original liquid state at 70 Celsius.

The crystallization of honey is also related to the honey type and moisture of honey. For example, acacia honey, and jujube honey are not easy to crystallize, while honey such as rape honey and sunflower honey is easy to crystallize.

In short, honey crystallization is a physical phenomenon, it’s chemical composition, nutritional value has not changed, and will not affect the quality of honey. The crystallized crystal is glucose. It is not honey mixed with sugar. In fact, the honey that is actually blended with sugar is not easy to crystallize. The honey that is easy to crystallize is pure honey, and the crystallization does not affect the quality and consumption.

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