Maple Syrup Benefits


If you are tired of the sweetness of ordinary sugar, you may fall in love with natural honey or syrup. Everyone knows the magical effect of honey, healthy and natural, so today we will talk about the health benefits of our popular Ahornsirup.

  1. Healthier than artificial sweeteners

Maple syrup not only achieves the function of artificial sweeteners, but is also healthier. If you regularly use artificial sweeteners such as dangerous sucralose, aspartame, agave, etc., you should consider replacing these unhealthy sweeteners.

  1. Contains a variety of antioxidants

Based on the study of the total antioxidant content of natural sweeteners and refined sugar products, significant differences in total antioxidant levels were found. Refined sugar products contain very low antioxidant activity, but maple syrup and honey show higher antioxidant capacity.

The nutrition of Ahornsirup is impressive in providing protective antioxidants. Pure Maple Syrup contains up to 24 different antioxidants that are beneficial for reducing many conditions.

  1. Get a lower score on the glycemic index

Medicine has shown that refined sugars and refined carbohydrates are easily metabolized by the liver – leading to high blood sugar. Even more frightening is that excessive intake of sugar can quickly stimulate blood sugar and increase insulin levels, which will lead to decreased insulin response and glycemic control over time, which is the cause of diabetes development.

Natural sweeteners such as Ahornsirup can help people get lower blood sugar index scores. Maple syrup is a better choice than edible refined sugar.

  1. Fight against inflammatory diseases

Because maple syrup nutrition provides polyphenolic antioxidants, it can reduce the incidence of inflammation. It is considered to be a healthy diet that helps prevent certain diseases such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or heart disease.

  1. Help prevent cancer

Because of the presence of antioxidants in maple syrup, cells can be protected from DNA damage and mutations. Although maple syrup alone is less likely to cause a lower risk of cancer, it is safer than a high concentration of refined sugar or artificial sweetener in your diet.

  1. Helps protect skin health

Many people apply Ahornsirup to their skin like natural honey, because maple syrup can help reduce skin inflammation, redness, blemishes and dryness. Combining raw milk or yogurt, oatmeal and raw honey, this natural blend is suitable for the skin. It moisturizes the skin while reducing signs of bacteria and irritation.

  1. Supply important vitamins and minerals

Maple syrup contains high levels of zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium. Zinc can fight disease and improve immunity. Manganese plays a vital role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, calcium absorption, blood sugar regulation, brain and nerve function.

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