Do you know the efficacy of malt syrup?

Do you know the efficacy of malt syrup (1)

Maltose syrup is a kind of product which uses starch as raw material, liquefaction, saccharification, decolorization and filtration, and refined concentration, with maltose as the main component.

It is a colorless, transparent and viscous liquid. The plastid is clear, transparent, mild and pure in taste, low in sweetness, malt-flavored. It has many advantages such as high boiling temperature, low freezing point, and anti-crystallization. It is often used in jams and jellies. It is also widely used in bread, cakes, and beer. It is also widely used in candy, cold drink products, dairy products, beer, jelly, baked goods, condiments, enzyme preparations, convenience foods, etc. field.

So what is the role of Malt syrup?

  1. Add malt syrup to the candy,the products produced have good toughness, high transparency, and can reduce the viscosity of the candy and improve the flavor of the product.
  2. Maltose syrup is used in the production of cold drinks, which can improve the taste of the product, improve the quality of the product and reduce the production cost. At present, it has been widely used as a thickener and plasticizer in the cold drink industry.
  3. Used in the production process of cakes, bread, baked goods, etc., can play a role in preventing starch aging, moisture retention, and extending shelf life.
  4. Maltose syrup for candied fruit, jam, canned fruit juice, and creamy foods have the advantages of long shelf life, product taste is not easy to change.
  5. Maltose syrup is used in beverages and dairy products. Because maltose syrup has mild and moderate sweetness, good resistance to crystal oxidation, moderate viscosity, good chemical stability, low freezing point, etc., it is in cold drinks.
  6. Application of maltose syrup in the baking industry. The maltose syrup has higher fermentable sugar content, which is beneficial to food fermentation in the baking industry; it can make the baked foods maintain a constant water, soft and delicious.

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