How To Distinguish The Quality Of Honey?

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Honey?
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Honey is a healthy food we love to eat. So, how do we ordinary consumers identify the quality of honey?There are seven ways consumers can use to identify the authenticity of honey:

① Luster and color: Generally speaking, the color and taste of honey are closely related to the variety of honey. True honey does not look very clear because it contains pollen and other components. It is white, light yellow or amber in color. Light color is preferred, and luster is not very bright. Different nectar plants have different colors, and there are currently 22 different varieties of honey commonly available on the market. Fake honey because it is boiled with sugar or with syrup pretend to be very clear and bright, generally light yellow or deep yellow.

② containing impurities identification: you can use hot wire inserted into honey, gas is true honey, smoke false, if it is pure honey, wire pulled out, very smooth, no impurities. True honey is sticky, use chopsticks to stir up honey, can pull into filament, not broken flow, broken silk will automatically shrink and spherical for top grade. Mix honey and water in the ratio of 1∶5 and leave for 1 day. False honey has suspended matter or precipitation, with chopsticks when the drop fell, there is no flow.

③ Water identification: honey drops on the white paper, pure honey into beads, will not seep open, and water honey will gradually seep open, the faster the seep open, the more water mixed.

④ Identification of starch: put a small amount of honey into the cup, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, after cooling into a few drops of iodine shake well, if the solution turns blue or red, purple, that honey mixed with starch substances.

⑤ Taste identification: true honey is sweet and delicious, with a sticky mouth feeling and a slight sour taste, crystal blocks into the teeth is crisp, containing the melt, and false honey has a bitter taste, crystal blocks chewing such as sugar, crisp and loud.

⑥Smell discrimination: real honey has a light plant fragrance, false honey smells pungent odor or fruit sugar.

⑦ Crystallization identification: false honey is not crystallize。But the white sugar added to some fake honey will also precipitate under certain conditions, forming precipitation at the bottom of the bottle. It is easy to distinguish the crystallization of real honey from the precipitation of fake honey. The crystallization of honey is relatively soft and can be easily twisted on the finger, with a delicate feeling. The white sugar precipitate of false honey is more dense, and when you twist it on your fingers, it feels like sand and gravel.

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