Crystallization of honey is honey fake?

Crystallization of honey is honey fake
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Most of the time, we buy back honey after a period of time there will be a layer of white precipitation, this phenomenon is very common, with our people’s idea is: it is false honey, sugar are out!

The truth?But on the contrary, as long as it is pure honey under certain conditions will appear above phenomenon.Before we move on to honey, let’s talk about the physics of this phenomenon.

The main components of honey are glucose and fructose. To be precise, honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar. Under certain conditions, glucose in honey will precipitate out and form crystals.Common honey glucose and fructose content remain at around 1 to 1, the proportion of the two is the key factors influencing the honey kinds of degree of crystallization, high glucose content of honey is easy to crystallization, such as rapeseed nectar, soon after crystallization, also known as the northeast linden honey, the snow honey is named because after crystallization as white as snow;Whereas the ones that are high in fructose are harder, like locust honey, it’s very hard, it takes a long, long time, and you don’t have enough time to finish it.

But whether it is difficult or easy, the result is inevitable crystallization, not crystallization must not be good honey!There is also a very important point, that is the sugar that honey is difficult to crystallize, why, a bunch of sugar polysaccharides, honey crystallization is inhibiting, so not easy to crystallize, or very little crystallization, and some high temperature concentration, are very difficult, is a kind of destruction of the crystallization core.Finally, it can be said that the quality of honey can be judged from the crystallization, which is more accurate than other methods.

Therefore, as the title general, precipitation is the conscience of beekeepers, not sugar ah, I have seen many consumers have such a misunderstanding, think it is sugar out, this is a great mistake.Crystallization of honey is honey fake1

There is also a point, is not necessarily called the crystallization of the good honey, if the whole bottle of crystallization, it means that honey is very pure, half and half may not be the condition, but also can be the above crystal core was destroyed.

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