Enzyme action in honey

Enzyme action in honey

Why Can’t Honey Be With Boiling Water?

In fact, the reason why honey cannot be with boiling water is to protect the active enzymes in honey. Since the enzyme activity increases with increasing temperature, when the temperature exceeds a certain extreme value, the activity of the enzyme is destroyed and cannot be recovered.

What Is An Enzyme?

Enzymes are a class of macromolecular biocatalysts. A molecule that accelerates or catalyzes the chemical reactions in our bodies. All creatures (bees or humans) produce their own enzymes to provide the nutrients they need.

What Enzymes Are Included In Honey?

Many people only know that honey contains a variety of enzymes, but how many kinds of do not know. In fact, the enzymes contained in honey are mainly the following: invertase, amylase, lipase, invertase, plant enzymes, including catalase and acid phosphatase, may also exist, depending on the type of flower source.

In honey, enzymes play an important role. They are a unique ingredient that makes honey a better product than other sweeteners.

How Did The Enzyme Come From?

There are two points. First, an enzyme is a substance that converts collected nectar into honey. The enzymatic reaction from nectar produces a large number of compounds, all of which impart unique properties and functions to honey. Second, the saliva of honey. The foraging bees collect nectar from the flowers and mix them with the secretions of the salivary glands and hypopharyngeal glands, and add more secretions before storing them in the cells.

The enzyme in honey is a catalytic protein that is the standard for judging the quality of honey. In addition to the enzymes listed above, there are many enzymes in honey that have not yet been discovered by humans. Antioxidant enzymes can delay aging. Sterols can prevent cardiovascular disease. Saponins not only have antibacterial and antipyretic effects. It has an anti-cancer effect.

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