Find the real brown rice syrup in many syrup products

Find the real brown rice syrup in many syrup products
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Sirop de riz brun is a sweetener made from rice starch and is not genetically modified. Brown rice syrup is suitable for natural foods, beverages, and syrups (flavored/unscented).

Sirop de riz brun has a honey-like consistency and a mild creamy candy flavor and is the best alternative to honey in vegetarian cooking.

Rice syrup contains little or no fructose, and rice syrup, which consumes only a limited amount of fructose, is well absorbed.

Rice syrup is enriched with a compound classified as a sugar which is decomposed by boiling rice starch and saccharifying enzyme, then filtered from the liquid and reduced to the desired consistency by evaporation. The enzyme used in the saccharification step is provided by adding germinated barley grain to rice starch or by adding a purified enzyme isolate of bacterial or fungal origin.

Studies have shown that the content of calcium in brown rice is 1.7 times that of white rice, the iron content is 2.75 times, it is 3.2 times that of nicotinic acid, and the vitamin B1 is up to 12 times. Vitamin E is brown rice is 10 times that of white rice and cellulose is 14 times higher.

Sirop de riz brun contains three sugars – maltotriose (52%), maltose (45%) and glucose (3%).

In addition, it contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium and potassium, and brown rice syrup provides enough calories. Our brown rice syrup not only abandons the rough taste of brown rice but also retains the nutrients of brown rice.

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