What is maltose syrup?


China is a populous country but also a big gourmet country. We have to say that many foods are in China. But the one that best evokes my childhood memories is maltose syrup, which is the taste of my childhood. Of course, there are some childhood snacks, such as spicy strips, soda, chicken feet, etc. I believe that many people’s childhood is also their companionship.

Today, I will focus on introducing you to this maltose syrup that best recalls my childhood memories.Maltose Syrup It is a natural sweetener made from malt rice and rice in clear and brown colors. Among them, according to the different mass fraction of maltose, it can be divided into three types: ordinary maltose syrup, high maltose syrup and ultra-high maltose syrup. The mass scores are below 60%, 60%-70%, and above 70%.Golden maltose syrup, also known as maltose syrup, is divided into clarified and brown rice syrup, which have been made by liquefaction, saccharification, decolorization and filtration.

It is commonly used as a sweetener and moisturizer in foods because of its low moisture absorption, high moisture retention, and moderate sweetness. It is also widely used in candy, cold drink products and dairy products because of its anti-oxidation, low freezing point, good resistance to crystallinity and chemical stability. The purpose is to extend the shelf life of food.I don’t know if you know that maltose syrup still exists in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival in China because it is also used in mooncakes.

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