Which is the brown rice protein powder function and application?

Which is the brown rice protein powder function and application?
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What is the brown rice protein powder?

proteína de arroz em pó is a vegetarian protein isolated from 100% non-GMO whole grain rice. Rice protein powder has a more distinct taste than most other forms of protein powders. Rice protein is a whole profile of amino acids and low allergy protein. Its amino acid composition is most close to the WHO patterns. Rice protein is considered a “good protein”, can be used in infant foods and high-end products.

Depending on your diet, proteína de arroz em pó may be the right choice for you. Brown rice protein powder is extracted from germinated brown rice. Together with whey protein (extracted from milk) and soybean protein (extracted from the soybean), it is one of the most popular protein supplements on the market.

Which is the brown proteína de arroz em pó function and application?

The airflow-grade rice protein powder is made up of the air-flow dried tech, and it can reach 800 mesh according to the customer’s request. It is the ideal ingredient for baking products and substituting food.

Compared with the common rice protein, spray technology is used to ensure the stability of the protein in the water, so it is very suitable for solid drinks.

In the production of beverage-grade rice protein, free-hydrolyzed is used to slightly increase the degree of hydrolysis, which is very suitable for liquid beverages and cosmetics and is also a formula for yogurt products.

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