Let me know about brown rice syrup.

Let me know about brown rice syrup

The taste of xarope de arroz integral is not so sweet and has a light caramel flavor, so it is suitable for direct consumption with coffee or porridge or yogurt. However, since brown rice syrup makes the texture of baked cakes rough and firm, xarope de arroz integral is not suitable for baking desserts. If it is used to bake pastries, it is best to add honey or maple syrup. In general, one and a half cups of xarope de arroz integral can replace a cup of white sugar.

Brown rice is one of the oldest foods in human history. Its sensitization is the lowest. It is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity. Because carbohydrates are wrapped in coarse fibrous tissue, the body can absorb and absorb slowly, which can control blood sugar well. At the same time, trace elements such as zinc, chromium, manganese, and vanadium in brown rice are beneficial to improve insulin sensitivity, which is very helpful for people with low glucose tolerance.

Japanese studies have shown that brown rice has a much lower glycemic index than white rice. It has a better satiety when eating the same amount of rice, which helps control food intake and helps obese people to lose weight. Therefore, xarope de arroz integral is very helpful for special people, such as certain diseases or the health of infants and young children. Therefore, brown rice syrup is one of the ingredients of many foods in the United States, Europe and China.

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