The story of Maple syrup


Source of maple syrup.

Maple syrup comes from Canada, with southeastern Quebec and Ontario producing the most beautiful maple leaves. Every autumn maple leaves are as red as sunset clouds, like flowers blooming in summer. People are proud of the warm, sincere maple leaves.

Look at the red maple leaves on the Canadian flag. You can imagine the red maple leaves on the Canadian flag. Canada is therefore worthy of being called the “Maple Leaf country.” Maple candy festival is a traditional folk festival in Canada. In the spring of March every year, the farm producing maple candy is whitewashed and dressed in festive clothes, so that we can enjoy the sweet gifts given to them by nature together.

Related stories.

1.Sugar maple tree.

long years ago, there was a chief of the North American Indian tribe, who hunting and came back home every day and putted the stone ax in the big tree at the door. On a morning in March, the big tree began to slowly flow out the juice from the ax’s chopped wound, just in time flowing into a wooden bucket under the tree, which was used by the chief’s wife to dress water every day. On the same day, the chief’s wife used the “water” in the bucket for dinner.

I didn’t expect the dinner to be particularly fragrant, with a special sweet taste. Since then, North American Indians have discovered that the juice from the tree can extract syrup, which is the unique sugar maple in North America.

2.Maple Sugar Festival.

The traditional Maple Sugar Festival is open to visitors from both home and abroad, especially children. During the festival, the local residents also enthusiastically performed various folk songs and dances for the tourists and led the tourists to enjoy the beautiful maple leaves.

Some farms also keep old India maple sap and miel de maple equipment. In the festival, the ancient production method is used to perform the process of making maple syrup for tourists. Visitors can also taste the freshly baked Maple syrup, let the unique fragrance into the heart.

Edible method.

  1. Direct consumption 25-30 grams per day (about 3 tablespoons), take it with warm water. When taken on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, the nutrients can be fully absorbed by the body and the effect is best.

It can also be mixed with fruit juice: add a proper amount of miel de maple to the freshly squeezed juice. After the ice, it is a cool summer drink, which has the effect of relieving the heat, refreshing and refreshing.

  1. Maple sugar fruit ice. Home-made assorted fruit shaved ice with maple syrup, can make the shaved ice taste more sweet and fragrant.
  2. Maple sugar fruit salad. When making fruit salad, maple leaf syrup can be used to partially or completely replace the salad, not only the fragrance is pleasant, but also more nutritious and healthy.
  3. Maple sugar ice town cold melon. Wash the melon, cut into thin slices, put into pure water iced after soaking, remove the plate. Eat miel de maple when eating.

This method of eating is both fresh and elegant, and it is refreshing and refreshing. You can also choose other seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as celery, cucumber, etc. according to your personal preferences.

  1. Maple Sugar snow pear. Pour the pear kernel into cups, add in the stew, add cold water and stew for 20 minutes, add the right amount of miel de maple according to the taste.
  2. Maple sugar egg milk pudding. Eggs beat evenly one time, rushed into the heated milk, boil with a small fire, wait for the eggs to cool, then add the right amount of maple syrup.
  3. Maple sugar lotus root starch. The lotus root starch is mixed with hot water and mixed until it is transparent. Add a little amount of maple syrup after a little cold. Features: sweet and delicious, easy to digest, nutritious.

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