The main effect of propolis

The main effect of propolis

Propolis is a natural small “drug bank” that can prevent and treat diseases, has no side effects, is non-resistant, mild and slow, safe and reliable. Long-term use is only beneficial to the human body and harmless. It has a comprehensive adjustment and repair effect on body organs.

1.Regulates blood lipids and improves blood circulation

Propolis is rich in flavonoids, has good blood lipid lowering, softens blood vessels, protects blood vessels, not from premature fragility, hard, loses elasticity, and also effectively purifies the blood. Known as the “vascular scavenger.”

Therefore, taking propolis is beneficial to control the vision loss of diabetic patients and prevent vascular system complications.

2.Two-way regulation of blood sugar levels

Studies have shown that some flavonoids and terpenes in Propolis have the effect of promoting the synthesis of hepatic glycogen from exogenous glucose. In addition, propolis has a significant hypoglycemic effect. For some patients, these substances can exert good hypoglycemic effects at very low levels.

The study also found that propolis had no effect on normal human blood glucose, indicating that propolis has a two-way regulation of blood glucose levels.

3.The role of vitamin supplements

Propolis contains almost all kinds of constants and trace elements necessary for biological survival and is rich in content, which plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications. Propolis contains a variety of vitamins, which plays a good balance between fat metabolism and glucose metabolism, and can adjust the hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia of obese people to normal levels.

4.Propolis comprehensive auxiliary effect on diabetes

Because each person’s condition is different, the sensitivity to propolis is different, and the hypoglycemic effect of propolis is also different.

Propolis can reduce blood sugar by 94.7%, but in fact, only 39% of patients can significantly reduce blood sugar in the short term, and most patients need to adhere to long-term use of Propolis on the basis of the original treatment. In addition, propolis can also be antioxidant, significantly improve immunity, and is of great significance to diabetic patients.

If you still have questions about bee propolis, please feel free to comment on the article. I am Deli, a professional factory producing bee propolis.

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