The difference between brown rice syrup and honey.

Brown rice syrup is the essence of brown rice, and its nutritional value is more concentrated.

Brown rice is the longest food in human history. In the long-term diet practice, it has been found that brown rice not only can satisfy hunger but also has great nutritional value for the human body. The so-called jarabe de arroz integral is the fructose syrup, which is usually made of brown rice, so it is also called jarabe de arroz integral. As we all know, the main ingredients of honey are fructose and glucose, while the physical and chemical components of brown rice syrup and honey are very close.

Some consumers see that some of the main ingredients of syrup and honey products are the same as honey, also fructose, glucose, and water. It is considered that there is no difference between syrup and honey. This understanding is completely wrong. There is a clear difference between syrup and honey.

First of all, from the production method, syrup belongs to industrial manufacturing, and honey is a natural product. The syrup needs high-temperature heating, enzymatic hydrolysis, conversion and other steps in the production process, and belongs to high energy consumption processing products. Honey is a bee that collects nectar and is brewed. The final product can be eaten with simple filtration, so honey is a typical low-energy natural agricultural product.

In terms of composition, although the main components of the two are the same, honey also contains active substances beneficial to the human body such as proteins, flavonoids, amino acids, and trace elements. Syrup does not contain these substances.

From the senses, there is also a clear difference between syrup and honey. The production process of syrup is mostly the same, so syrup can’t be like honey. Different kinds have different taste and color. The syrup is mostly a colorless or yellow liquid with a sour taste. Honey has a different aroma and a special aroma.

Where to buy brown rice syrup?

The brown rice syrup of Wuhu Deli Foods is a health-low-sensitive sugar substitute. Jarabe de arroz integral can replace sucrose, corn syrup, or molasses. It can be used for baking, poured on ice cream or pancakes, and added coffee or tea. Try making energy bars, muffins, biscuits, fruit salads, smoothies for any recipe.

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